Dothan High School Alumni -  Dothan, Alabama

Alma Mater

Alma Mater Dothan High School
Ever strong and ever true,
Our loudest songs of praises
Ring out proudly then to you.
Our guide, our watch, our standard,
In sorrow and in glee,
Love, honor, praise and glory
Dothan High we give to thee.
May these walls we love and cherish
Never crumble or decline,
But stand forever stable
A landmark to all mankind.
As time moves on the world well claim us
For failure or success,
Still we ever shall remember
Alma Mater D.H.S.
Hail to thee, old Dothan High School
Loyalty's our battle cry
With the Red and Black our banner
We shall strive to keep on high.

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(C) 2017
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