Dothan High School Alumni -  Dothan, Alabama

*** 1971 Movies
$$$ -Top Movie Money Makers
Billy Jack   $98,000,000    
Diamonds Are Forever   $43,800,000    
Carnal Knowledge   $28,623,900    
Willard   $19,216,000    

Other New Movie Releases
A Clockwork Orange    
Big Jake    
Dirty Harry    
Fiddler on the Roof    
Harold and Maude    
McCabe and Mrs, Miller    
Summer of '42    
Sunday, Bloody Sunday    
The French Connection    
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis    
The Go-Between    
The Hospital    
The Last Picture Show    

Academy Awards
Best Actor:   Gene Hackman: The French Connection    
Best Actress:   Jane Fonda: Klute    
Best Director:   William Friedkin: The French Connection    
Best Picture:   Philip D'Antoni: The French Connection    
Best Supporting Actor:   Ben Johnson: The Last Picture Show    
Best Supporting Actress:   Cloris Leachman: The Last Picture Show    

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